BOSTON – Huck Strategies, a woman-owned creative agency, returns to the Massachusetts Conference for Women this year with the debut of its 2024 messaging campaign. 

With a new brand video and re-imagined brand assets, the campaign strategy centers around Huck’s new tagline: “We build brands with intention.”  

“Since our inception, we have been building brands making significant contributions to biotech, climate tech, agri-tech, education and healthcare,” said Huck Chief Creative Officer Nancy Stewart, who has led the agency’s conference strategy. “The brands we support are driving innovation, developing life-saving treatments and focused on solving the biggest problems humans face today. So at Huck, we support the brands that support people.” 

The new messaging should resonate with attendees at this year’s Massachusetts Conference for Women, expected to draw almost 10,000 female business leaders to the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. 

Women are natural change makers and pioneers of innovation, not only in healthcare, finance, tech and education but in areas related to human rights, DEI and equality. The most influential women-led corporations are investing in products, services and company cultures that equalize and uplift. And that’s really in line with our vision for purpose-driven work here at Huck.

Huck Strategies will be hosting Booth 411, among a small number of premier 20-foot exhibition spaces in the hall. The booth will feature video monitors, couch seating (the ‘design lounge”) and counter tables for 1:1 strategy sessions with attendees. 

The first 500 visitors to the Huck booth will receive canvas tote bags custom-designed for the event and showcasing a powerful snippet of our new messaging, with the words, “Good Design Solves Problems.” Each tote contains a unique gift giveaway. 

“Can marketing be transformative? We like to think so,” said Stewart. “We are not pioneering scientists, life-saving surgeons or leading researchers – but we work with them and we lend our expertise to maximize their impact.”

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