Video Ads & Motion Graphics

It doesn’t matter if it’s Instagram, Facebook or TikTok, the algorithms behind the top social media platforms want to see movement. They push, prioritize and promote Reels, video ads and motion graphics that generate the highest engagement from their users.

No social media advertising campaign today should launch without video or motion graphics. They generate much higher click-through rates (CTRs) and generate three times more engagement than static ads.

Many digital marketing agencies can edit and re-purpose your own video content, and they may even require you to provide it. At Huck, we can create a wide array of video types, from simple unboxing and demonstration videos to testimonials, brand videos and video campaigns. 

Our motion graphics are created by our in-house design team. They specialize in creating custom motion graphics in alignment with your brand identity and visual guidelines, so all aspects of your campaign are tightly on-brand.

We provide video ad production and motion graphic design services for clients running their paid advertising campaigns through Huck. All of our paid advertising engagements include a robust advertising asset package aligned to our best recommendations for ad performance. We create all video and motion graphic ads optimized for your advertising platforms, including length, size dimensions, messaging and accessibility (captions, etc.)

Our team has helped launch new campaigns and optimized existing ones, all with the same result – highly engaging campaigns that become more efficient over time. How do we do it? By telling a visual story that is too engaging to scroll past. See how we delivered results for a top insurer with motion graphics and video ads.

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with video ads

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