Web Development

Whether it’s a simple brochureware site or a complex ecommerce experience, our process is the same. We work with you to understand the technical requirements of the website and create comprehensive documentation that becomes your site blueprint.

The process starts with a discovery call before design even begins to understand the business goals of the site, along with key conversion points, required integrations, accessibility needs, cybersecurity requirements, CRM setup and any other critical information informing the design, UX and development strategy. Our team documents all the site requirements and makes recommendations to address the technical requirements of the site.

Once all teams agree on the requirements documentation, our developers work closely with the design team to bring the website design to life, assuring all pages are fully responsive and optimized for users on all devices. The development recommendations align with the technical requirements, follow development best practices, and are optimized for SEO.

When you work with Huck, we understand that your website needs to do a lot of jobs for you. The design needs to be compelling. The site needs to be easy to find online through search, and it needs to be easy to navigate when you get there. It needs to drive conversion, and that data needs to be actionable and clear. And, for most clients, their site CMS needs to be simple for them to work with and update. These are all top of mind as we develop your site, because simply implementing a design is only part of our job.

The experience of working with us on your site should feel as seamless as possible. Our role is to deliver you a stunning site that elevates your brand. But there is a lot that goes into that along the way. Our goal is to guide you through the process through airtight project management to assure every piece of the site – from small design details to large technical ones – is completed to your satisfaction.

We have developed websites across industries, each with specific technical needs. The sites we have developed include e-commerce, community memberships, event bookings, straightforward lead generation sites.

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