Huck is an award-winning brand design agency with a curated team of designers. We specialize in creating complex design systems for every brand touchpoint: Digital, print, tactile, experiential. We deliver detailed Brand Guides and robust Brand Asset Packages, with a collection of the digital and print assets every brand needs, custom-designed for you. 

We believe that bold design and beautiful branding can be transformative. We use design thinking to help brands connect with their target audience, achieve the right aesthetic and embody cherished values.

A logo is not a brand. Designing a logo is just a small part of the brand design journey. Huck is a design-forward agency that intimately understands this critical difference. Our clients come to us because they want more than a static logo design. They want a brand that will come to life across all channels and media. They want a design system that will anticipate every touchpoint and allow for curated variety, consistency and brand recognition.

We begin every engagement with a detailed discovery process to learn as much about your brand as we can. We want to know about your design preferences, brand differentiators, target audience and business goals. We study your competitors and industry trends. The process is as much about psychology as it is about design aesthetics. We present our brand concepts with a detailed presentation (virtual or in-person). We always include a wide array of vivid mockups and design prototypes to help clients compare, visualize concepts and make informed decisions. Our brand design engagements typically include a collection of customized assets and templates tailored to your brand. Learn more about our Brand Asset Packages.

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