Brand Strategy

Brand strategy engagements help you identify your unique strengths and differentiators in the marketplace and leverage those to tell your story.

In many ways, brands are just like people. When they have a clear understanding of who they are and who the people they want to connect with – their target audience – they can make clearer, stronger connections that get better results. Whether you goal is brand awareness, conversion or engagement, the key to success is a consistent message that resonates with the right people.

At Huck, our brand strategy engagements are immersive experiences with a heavy dose of brand research, competitive analysis and data crunching. Our approach is highly journalistic and holistic, with an emphasis on deep learning and active listening.

At Huck, we always start by defining your business goals, both for the short- and long-term. Your vision for what you want to achieve becomes a guiding force in our process. Your goals provide important guard rails for ensuring that your brand messaging and execution strategy effectively position your brand for reaching the people most likely to be interested in your products and services.

Our typical brand strategy engagements cover:

  • Persona research, development and segmentation
  • Brand pillars
  • Consumer positioning and detailed messaging strategy
  • Tagline development
  • Voice/tone guidance

Many of our robust brand strategy engagements expand to include:

  • Strategic marketing plan and channel strategy
  • Visual Brand Guidelines, for clients also launching or refreshing their brand identity

We customize our approach to each brand’s industry, budget and unique needs. While Huck employs some proven strategies for executing our brand workshops and discovery work, our process is never cookie-cutter or formulaic. We believe in a robust discovery phase that includes interviewing key stakeholders, such as current or former clients, and reviewing as much data as possible. In past engagements, we have purchased and evaluated competitor products, interviewed both satisfied and unsatisfied customers and even shadowed clients and their teams.

All of our brand strategy projects involve a Brand Strategy Workshop, the most influential part of the process. Our workshops range from half- and full-day sessions to multi-day experiences. They are always conducted in person, with full stakeholder teams, and carefully coordinated to include research findings, hands-on activities and brainstorms, and facilitated discussions.

The Brand Strategy Guide is intended as a definitive guideline to help you and any future team members or vendors achieve a clear, consistent brand impression. We encourage you to share it with copy writers, designers, web developers and marketers working with you.

In this way, it’s a solid investment in your brand whether or not you work with our team for content needs or marketing support.  Our clients use our Brand Strategy Guides for social media, website creation or updates, blog writing and content in all forms (brochures, booklets, case studies), email marketing and paid advertising. 

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