We provide the full suite of content and design support for a wide array of print publications and digital reports, including: White papers, articles, eBooks, annual reports, magazine layouts, long-form articles and blogs. 

We also bring expertise creating digital downloads, white papers and e-Books that integrate seamlessly with lead generation campaigns. When you also partner with Huck for email marketing and paid advertising, we can create custom gated content and downloads that drive highly qualified leads and can lead to conversions.

A bold design will make users pause. Compelling content will keep their attention. Our production team utilizes the talents of two specialists: Our content writers and our page designers. We have the ability to create a wide array of custom graphics, charts, data visualizations and illustrations to enhance any project. In fact, Huck has won two awards for our work on print publications and online reports.

We have written and designed detailed reports for leading U.S. institutions, from top-ranked universities to nationally-recognized research institutes. Collectively, our team has written thousands of pages of content for well over 100 clients representing a wide array of industries. We have interviewed over 300 subject matter experts to make sure we understand the topic and brand as well as our clients do.

All of our content undergoes a rigorous internal editing process for quality assurance, fact checking, on-page SEO, reading level and brand voice/tone. We use AP style unless instructed otherwise. Our design works complements your brand guidelines and visual brand identity. We also design custom infographics for data visualizations and offer illustration and photography services.

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