A strong agency partner should be in lockstep with your business. That includes not only a clear understanding of your product, messaging and goals, but an understanding of how well they are performing against your business needs. They should live the highs and lows, as you do, and be actively helping to solve marketing problems and finding new ways to drive to evolve your marketing strategy.

Of course, all of that begins with a strong foundation to your digital marketing program. Here are a few of the building blocks to ensure you are on the right track to a successful partnership with your agency team.

Define your audience

The key to a successful digital marketing program starts with understanding the target. Who is the audience and what do we know about them? What makes the product appeal to them? And what are the key messages that are going to draw them in?

Identify campaign goals

Without goals, it’s impossible to understand the impact of your digital marketing program. Goals can be as simple as increasing site traffic, or more granular, such as improving conversion rates among marketing qualified leads. But without those in place, the campaign is like a ship without a captain.

Develop a marketing plan

It may seem simple, but not everyone ties the pieces together. And a marketing plan – which can be focused on just digital, or take a wider view of offline activities – needs to connect the dots on all of your audience’s touchpoints.

Deliver conversion-driven creative

You have your audience, your goals and your marketing plan. What’s going to be the engine that makes it successful? It’s not just the mix of media and targeting. The creative needs to be much more than a logo with a call to action. Creative should be visually compelling, airtight on messaging and fully extend your brand to consumers seeing you in the market.

Develop a lead nurture strategy

Good news! Your campaign has generated a bunch of leads. Now what? It’s time to give them more reasons to buy. Whether it’s retargeting ads with mid-funnel content or an email campaign keeping you top of mind, those additional touchpoints are critical to converting the sale.

And here’s a bonus one…

Optimize your landing page

Your digital marketing agency should be assuring the landing page your ads are driving to is poised for conversion. That means providing content that extends your advertising message, a clear visual design and a limited set of calls to action on the site. Ideally, you only want them to do one thing on your landing page to convert, and you want them to do it without barriers or distractions. The result is an efficient campaign and a healthy flow of conversions.

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