We are proud to be the long time agency partner for an events company that delivers dynamic culinary experiences in New York and Los Angeles. We’ve worked with their team since they emerged from the pandemic as a destination for team building events.

All this was before they really started marketing; that’s where our team came in.

Their post-pandemic goal was to get in front of a wider audience seeking both virtual and in-person team building events, and to stand out in an increasingly competitive space. What we built was an ecosystem that drove leads and kept them engaged, both as customers and prospects, creating a steady flow of new and repeat business.

Here’s how we did it:

Google advertising

We launched a search marketing campaign targeting business leaders seeking team building events in either in person or virtual formats. Additionally, we launched a targeted display campaign. This brought our client to a wider audience. And because their website already included testimonials and a robust set of corporate clients, they were immediately validated in the eyes of their site visitors.

CRM configuration

We worked closely with the client to build a CRM experience that worked with their sales process while also laying the groundwork for us to execute targeted email campaigns to key segments.


Leveraging data from previous site visits, advertising engagement and their CRM, we developed a retargeting campaign that acted as a critical touchpoint for conversion.

Website redesign

As our client’s business grew, so did the requirements for their website. We worked with their team to redesign their website to match their dynamic brand. We also expanded the site content and user experience to reflect the breadth of their cooking events and to send audiences down the appropriate path for conversion.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

As their presence in New York grew, we focused on localizing their site so they were appearing more prominently in local search.

Email marketing and automation

The email campaign keeps their brand top of mind among past attendees, generating repeat bookings, while also keeping them engaged with their ticketed events. With the automations in place, we’ve created specific pre- and post-event communications that are part of the high touch experience.

Social advertising

Although we initially tested social advertising with mixed results, we tested it after more pieces in the marketing plan were established and saw tremendous success expanding awareness through key social channels. Those channels now play a key role in lead generation.

So how has it all worked? Their revenue has doubled each year we’ve partnered with them, and we continue to look for new ways to extend their brand.

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