We had the tremendous opportunity to partner with a pioneering baby care product on their go to market strategy. Although entering a crowded market dominated by a small number of well known brands, our team was able to start small and scale quickly, delivering a 300%-plus return on advertising spend while making enough waves that bigger brands started to notice.

How did we do it? By providing an alternative to the biggest players with clear messaging delivered on the channels parents use most:

Search marketing

What is the first thing parents do when their child is sick? Before they even call their doctor, they jump on Google to diagnose what might be ailing their child, and look for solutions. So it was only natural that the first place we launched was Google to help drive awareness. We saw an immediate impact in the first month. Despite being a brand new entry into the market with little awareness, we saw a positive return on advertising spend.

Social advertising

It doesn’t matter if you are a parent or not; you spend a lot of time on your phone browsing social media. To provide another avenue for awareness and to target parents directly, our campaign launched on Meta shortly after the search campaign did. Meta not only drove awareness but retargeting became a critical driver of sales.

Amazon advertising

The campaign hit full steam with the launch of the Amazon campaign. Amazon is a go-to for parents (and let’s face it – everyone else too). But Amazon has the added benefit of a streamlined checkout process that requires just a few clicks to buy.

By filling the funnel with more proactive marketing efforts, such as Amazon prospecting campaigns, capturing existing demand among users actively searching for non-branded or competitor solutions, we produced sales through our bottom of the funnel campaigns such as remarketing and branded search. The creative supported the effort, with clear, concise messaging on what made this product the innovation in baby care parents couldn’t live without.

Within just four months, our campaign began delivering an average of 350% return on ad spend each month, eventually hitting 4x return on spend in peak allergy and cold months. As spend increased, the return held steady, showing there was plenty of room to grow.

Today, the product has nearly 2,000 reviews on Amazon and has provided a much needed alternative in the baby care industry.

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